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Vue 3 Admin Template

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Core Features

A robust admin template utilizing Vue 3, Vite, Pinia, and Tailwind CSS. It's a modern, MIT-licensed template designed for building efficient, responsive, and fast-loading admin interfaces. Tailored to speed up development, Vuestic Admin integrates the latest web technologies for a seamless experience.

Vue 3 + Vite

Fast and efficient development

Dark theme

Modern and eye-catching

Global Configuration

Effortless customization


Inclusive and user-friendly

i18n Integration

Easy localization for global reach

Educational Resource

Ideal for learning and improving skills

Responsive Design

Adapts seamlessly to all devices

Professional Support

Reliable help from the experts

Highly Customizable

Tailor to your project’s style

Vuestic Admin as Application Simulator

We decided not to create just another set of templates, which are already abundant.We added context — every Admin page is a real page for your application. We thought, what pages do developers most often need?Dashboard, Settings Page, Profile, User and Project List, Login, Billing, Pricing Plans — already in Vuestic Admin.

Let us know, what other pages yo would like to see.


Vuestic UI as Component Framework

We use UI components from Vuestic UI, which helps with updates and ensures consistent design.

Preview Features

Vuestic Admin is not just an admin panel. It’s a community.

For Beginners

Anyone who is just starting their journey in frontend development, especially in Vue.js, can gain real development experience in our application.You’ll get to know our team, participate in calls and decision-making, contribute your suggestions, and help the project evolve.This will look great on your resume.

For Enthusiasts

Vuestic Admin is a platform for learning and experimenting. Jump into our boat, let’s get acquainted and experiment together.Our team actively participates in technical events, and perhaps we can meet in person to discuss all these favorite technical things of ours.

For Open Source Product Owners

We are open to collaboration. If you see opportunities for some integration with your product or to work together in some way, we are at your service. Write to us at vuestic@epicmax.co

For Commercial Projects

If you want to order a consultation from our top developers, for us to audit your frontend code, or if you need custom solution development using any JavaScript-related framework, we are at your service. Learn more at epicmax.co

Meet the Team

Hi there, we are really pleased to meet you too! Vuestic started as a small admin template back in 2017. It was released on GitHub and was warmly embraced by the Vue.js community. Since then we’ve been contributing to Vuestic daily and today it’s grown into a full-fledged framework with a decent ecosystem around it.

The team behind Vuestic is in ❤️ with Vue.js and Open Source. We’re doing our best to make developers’ lives easier and joyful.

Vuestic was created and backed by Epicmax, and is supported through all the years. You can request a consultation or order web development services by Epicmax here.

And now, please meet the core contributors 🎉

Andrey Hrabouski
Andrey Hrabouski
CEO - Epicmax
Yauheni Prakopchyk
Yauheni Prakopchyk
CTO - Vuestic UI/Admin
Maksim Nedoshev
Maksim Nedoshev
Lead Developer - Vuestic UI/Admin
Vitaly Raichev
Vitaly Raichev
Developer - Vuestic UI/Admin
Roman Babalici
Roman Babalici
Developer - Vuestic UI/Admin
Anastasiia Zvenigorodskaia
Anastasiia Zvenigorodskaia
Marketing Strategy - Epicmax/Vuestic
Vasili Savitski
Vasili Savitski
Designer - Vuestic UI/Admin

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Make Vuestic UI components match your designs with powerful dynamic configs.

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